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CuteReport 1.2 released

  • CuteReport is an easy, powerful and extendable report solution based on Qt framework. Generally CuteReport consists of two parts: core library and template designer. Both are totally modular and theirs functionality can be simply extended by writing additional modules. It's totally abstract of used data and can use as storage: file system, database, version control systems, etc. The project's goal is to provide powerful, but yet simple to use for inexperienced user and report designers, reporting system.

    It is a new milestone in CuteReport development: CuteReport supports Spellout and Charts.

    Spellout module allows to convert any number to text representation such as "123002" -> "one hundred twenty-tree thousand two" or spellout money amount like "2342" -> "two thousand three hundred forty-two dollars". It supports almost all languages with taking plurality and gender into account.

    Chart currently supports only barchart, but work is in progress.

    Full Changelog for version 1.2:

    • NEW: Demo application to show report examples
    • NEW: ability to edit preview data (initial implementation)
    • NEW: new module "ScriptSpellout" has been added to spell out numbers, currencies, money amount on various languages with correct plurality and gender. See documentation and example in demo application: General->Invoice. (pro version)
    • NEW: Designer now has menu with list of recent reports
    • NEW: New page property "resetPageNumber" to optional resetting page number on a new template page rendering.
    • NEW: some detalisation level for items implemented: Full content, Name only, etc. Memo can show only its name on a template to prevent template mess.
    • UPDATE: Documentation updated: "Script signals"
    • UPDATE: Documentation updated with new section: Functions -> Spelling out
    • UPDATE: Designer now shows warning message before deleting Storage, Renderer or printer object
    • UPDATE: Merged cutereport and cutereport_cli. Use -g argument to start in GUI mode (template designer)
    • UPDATE: Histogram multiseries support (pro version)
    • UPDATE: Chart big improvements: support of static and dynamic data, updated helper (pro version)
    • FIX: BarcodeExt helper fix (pro version)

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