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Want to recommend QT mobile for app redo vs Cordova

  • Hello, I am new to QT mobile. We have a product that among many other things includes a phone application. The original app was done in Xamarin by a contractor. We are now going to be redoing the app as well as redesigning our customer facing web. My boss is leaning towards Cordova and I think I could live with that but I've always liked QT and like that a QT app will be compiled to native code. Our app will need certain audio capabilities like recording audio and then displaying the waveform and highlighting regions in that waveform, playing the audio and displaying charts based on the server side analysis of the file. Are there any reasons you would advise me not to push for QT. I have read on Hacker News that some say the time to load an app is very slow but I don't know this from personal experience and I don't know if the situation has since changed. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

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