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[SOLVED]Problem with horizontalScrollBar

  • i have such a problem, in class "a" i have a scrollbar and in class "b" i have a variable int x. What I want to do is to change the variable x when i change a value in slider.

    in class "a" i have:
    @QObject::connect(ui->horizontalScrollBar,SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)),object of class "b" , SLOT(change_x())); @

    in class "b" i have variable int x, and SLOT change_x()

    @void b::change_x(){
    x= ....;

    what i should add to this code to make this run, i know it's may be a simple but i'm a beginner

  • try this :
    @connect(a.scrollbar,SIGNAL(valuechanged(int), b, SLOT(change_x(int)));@

    your slot needs an int as variable :
    @void b::change_x(int val){ x= ....; } @

  • Just change your slot like this:

    @void b::setX(int newX){ x = newX; }@

    The rest is the same, just update your header file to
    private slots:
    void setX(int);


  • yeah, it's work, thank You for fast reply

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