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QTBUG-49048 workaround?

  • The bug reported previously is showing its nature for me on Windows 7.
    I built Qt 5.5.1 from source using MinGW 5.3.0 for 32 and 64 bit.

    On my PC if I rename the Qt install folder so that the deployed app cannot use the SDK libraries, then I am getting the qWarning()'s as reported in the bug.
    If I rename the Qt folder so that it can find the SDK libraries, then it is no longer showing the warnings.

    Now from the bug page, someone commented to deploy qgenericbearer.dll as well, and it seems to remove the warnings. I wanted to know whether this is the correct way of resolving the issue?

    This issue has become critical for me because it is causing random crash on a non-Qt PC with 64 bit; however 32 bit seems to be working fine.

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    since this is only a warning it shouldn't affect your application.
    Are you sure that the crash is related to this warning?!

  • @raven-worx Yes, the crash is due to this bug. If I distribute the bearer dll, it is no longer crashing.

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