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Question about lighthouse

  • Hello guys,

    I am very interested in the lighthouse project, and thinking of making my own QT port. right now, I am studying the Android-QT project. The platform plugin codes are pretty clear. I had experience porting some other c++ project to Android, so I can understand that part pretty well. The thing is that I am not very familiar with the Makefile and the Configure file. I don't know where I should tell the QT library to use the android platform plugin.

    is that something determined during the runtime? or something I should specify during the compiling time?

    I noticed that there is this mkspec folder. is that where I should specify which platform plugin to use?


  • Well, nobody answered my question. I guess I can answer it myself after some investigation.

    It turned out that, which platform plugin to use is determined during runtime, by a function called

    qt_guiPlatformPlugin() defined under qguiplatformplugin.cpp

    inside the function, QT checks an environment variable QT_PLATFORM_PLUGIN, and decides which plugin to load.

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