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Open Gl Problems Visual Studio 2010 Release Mode compiled WinXP 64-bit, MultiMonitor Setup. (EDITED)

  • Sorry this is a reedit of an issue that I had.

    The problem stems from the Multi-Monitor issue. I have Quadro FX 3800 (1 GPU driving two monitor displays), running two display port monitors. The issue that is apparent is when the program opens on the monitor identified as 1 the program will work properly no problems. However if the program opens up on monitor 2, there seems to be problems.

    The application has 3 OpenGl windows, one is a GraphicsView window. The GraphicsView window is not functional as it is transparent and you see what is behind the program window. The other two opengl Windows are functional however the colors are incorrect. This is a lower priority problem as it seems that I don't have a problem as long as I make sure the window opens up on Monitor 1. Has any one else seen this problem.

    Other configurations what I have used have only one monitor setup. I will test this and report back at home because I have a Windows Vista 64 with a dual monitor setup, however, it is a hybrid GeForce card which technically has two separate GPUS, one monitor is setup up on HDMI and the other is driven by DVI.


  • Hi Richard

    I am not sure, but how do you do the installation of your application?

    From reading your explanation it is not clear where you are compiling your application?

  • Hi Koahnig,

    I think I have solved the problem. It was in fact not a problem with where I ran the code from, but rather I have a dual-monitor setup and on one window it would create this problem, but on the other monitor it would be fine. I think there is something else going on.

    I will need to find out why the multi-monitor setup is causing problems, it does not happen in when compiled in debug mode as it looks like the debug mode automatically defaults to monitor 1 (as it only opens up on the left side monitor). But if the program opens up on the right side monitor it creates this problem. (monitor 2)

    I will have to resubmit this issue as a multi-monitor issue most likely. Thanks for you help though.

    But just for your information. I compiled the code for release and would copy the relevant Qt dlls into the same directory. The other dynamic libraries are in the path. So I never did an installation build etc.

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