How get the physical dimensions of the device?

  • How get the physical dimensions of the device?
    I use QScreen, but it often gives is not the correct data.

  • Have you tried to get dpi for the device first :
    physicalDotsPerInchX : const qreal
    physicalDotsPerInchY : const qreal

    also you may compare or get the dpi of with the QWidget (if you use one)
    int QPaintDevice::physicalDpiX() const
    int QPaintDevice::physicalDpiY() const

    and multiply by the width/height of the device, widget or an item. If you want the size in metric/imperial you need to convert the values.

  • You should be careful with using this methods, in many android devices it gives you false information.

  • How about using Screen.pixelDensity? (with help of Screen.width, height, desktopAvailableHeight, desktopAvailableWidth of course)

  • I have used many ways, including android.util.DisplayMetrics.
    And all they give the wrong dpi, so I can't find the diagonal of the device(
    And qt methods wrong consider the pixels at the start of the program

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