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Migrating from MFC to QT gradually

  • Hi,

    I am very new to -QT- Qt and this forum. I downloaded and installed the QtSDK. I am able to write and compile applications fine using -QT- Qt creator.

    My problem now is:

    I have been developing an MFC application under VS2005 for several years (about 300,000 code lines) that I wish to gradually port to -QT- Qt. I have read the page "Qt/MFC Migration Framework" ( but can't understand where I download the various files (dll, lib, etc) needed. I have searched the whole day yesterday about other online resources explaining the needed steps, but there is not much information available. Maybe it is also that I don't get the overall picture.

    Ideally I just want to link my current MFC application to some -QT- Qt dll, that will allow me to create new -QT- Qt dialogs (or gradually replace existing MFC dialogs) while continuing to work on VS2005 in the same way as I did until now. Once my gradual "rewriting" is done, then I'd like to leave the VS2005 framework for -QT- Qt Creator.

    Sorry if the answer to my question maybe appears as trivial, but I need some help to get things started :)


    Edit: in the text above the edit box it clearly states that it is Qt, not QT; Andre

  • Thank you for the link Cincirin!

  • good luck :-)

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