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Custom Process Step not working under Windows

  • Hello,

    I'm using custom process steps under Linux and they are working fine. Now I want to build the project under Windows 8.1 and all custom process Steps I tried are failing with an error like this. even a simple echo does not work. I'm using QtCreator 3.6.0 with Qt 5.3.2 MSVS 2010 32bit.

    15:48:32: Running steps for project myApp...
    15:48:32: Could not start process "echo" hello
    Error while building/deploying project myApp(kit: Qt 5.3.2 (msvc2010_opengl))
    When executing step "Custom Process Step"

    what I did under "project" / "build settings"/"Build Steps" was to created a new Custom Process Step and entered "echo" in the Command text box and "hello" in the Argument Box.

    Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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    On Windows echo, cd, dir and some others are not applications (i.e. there's no echo.exe on the system) so they can't be "run". They are commands. You can run these by passing them to command processor (cmd.exe).
    For example to run echo hello put cmd.exe in the Command field and /c echo hello in the Arguments field.

  • Thanks for your answer. Yes you are right this commands are part of the command shell. With normal .exe programs it works :-)

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