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New agreement with the KDE Free Qt Foundation

  • I'll post this here as well, so that more people see the news.

    In essence the new agreement guarantees Qt being open under more platforms than previously and that the LGPL license version will be bumped up to v3 from the current v2.1 for all future releases of Qt. The GPL parts will mostly stay in v2 (due to depending code staying in v2), but all tooling will be v3.

    Also some new modules will be open sourced under GPL v3:

    • Qt Charts
    • Qt Data Visualization
    • Qt Virtual Keyboard
    • QML Profiler
    • Clang static analyzer
    • Qt Test Integration
    • Qt Quick 2D renderer

    This is to unify the Qt product structure. Also the Qt Quick Compiler will be released under the open source license at a later release (targeted for Qt 5.8)

    And this will take place at Qt 5.7.
    Qt 5.6 and previous releases will not be affected in any way.

    To get a full view of everything go read the blog post by Lars.
    But in short: more Qt in open source and update of open source licenses to newer versions.

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    This is great news!

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    This is very encouraging news! The future of Qt looks very bright and shiny :)

  • Brilliant!

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