QTextEdit doesn't display its corner with border-radius

  • Hello,
    My problem is that I can't make my subclass of QTextEdit have rounded borders.
    Because when I use the stylesheet property border-radius, the corners are not displayed.

    // In my TextEdit constructor :
    setStyleSheet("border: 1px solid; border-radius:10px;");

    I use Windows 10 with Qt5.5.1
    I hope you will be able to help me...
    (and sorry for the bad english, I'm french ^^)

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    Hi, welcome to devnet.

    Looks like a small bug in the way stylesheets are applied. You can workaround it by explicitly setting a background color:

    setStyleSheet("border: 1px solid; border-radius:10px; background-color: palette(base); ");

  • @Chris-Kawa It works ! Thanks for all ^^

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