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Both use qml window and qwidget ?

  • Hi,
    I am write a file manager for android phone. I have found that using qml TextEdit to show large text file needs so much memory.So I use QWidget to write the text editor.
    A simple QML ListView is used to show the filesystem. When user click a text file,the app will create a custom QWidget to show it.
    On pc, this behavior will open a new window. On android, it seems that a new "app" is starting. But when I touch the QPlainTextEdit in QWidget, screen will flash. I guess the reason is that both qml and qwidget accepts the touch event,
    so system is trying to draw both window at same time.
    My code is too long to paste here. The QWidget has no parent.
    Does someone understand what I said?

  • I made a mistake. Screen flash problem appears when I touch and hold in QPlainTextEdit area .
    So it has nothing to do with qml

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