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Qt 5.2.1 application does work on Windows 10?

  • Hello,

    I developed my application on Windows 7 with Qt 5.2.1, which was built using MinGW compiler for 32 and 64 bit from Qt's source code.
    It seems to work on Windows XP as well as Windows 7, however it is crashing on Windows 10.
    I just wanted to know whether I need to use a newer version of Qt for my application to run on Windows 10?
    Dependency walker doesn't show any errors while profiling too.

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    Windows 10 support started with 5.4.1 as tech preview and is fully supported since 5.5

  • @SGaist, Is there something on Windows 10 that you are aware of which won't allow older version applications to run?

    I can see something targeting Win10 that won't work on XP. This makes sense as likely it uses something that didn't exist back then. But the reverse seems to be something Microsoft always tried to not break. I always compile on WinXP (with Mingw) with the expectation that whatever I write will likely work on everything including the latest and greatest. So far I have not seen one case where this was not true (I am not referring to drivers or other integral things, just regular applications). I haven't tried Win10 yet (other than a 2 minute quick peek at Wallmart a few weeks ago - lol) but it looks like the same old OS with just a facelift or whatever.

  • @SGaist

    Does this mean that I have to build my application with Qt 5.5 for it to run on Windows 10? I used to believe that newer versions of OS should be able to run applications created for older versions...

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    @Rondog no I'm not, it might be a pure coincidence where there's some internal stuff that uses a different code path (e.g. new version of VS runtime). However each new version of Windows (it's the same for OS X) bring some minor (or not so minor) modifications that can affect how older software works. AFAIK, Win10 has got more than just a facelift. It's really faster than Win 8.1 and minor detail, you can finally have a fullscreen consoleā€¦

    @CAD_coding no, you can simply change the libraries you bundle with your application.

  • Have you check DLL dependencies ? Mainly Visual Studio runtime dependencies ?
    With XP (and its old age), you have a lot of already VS runtime dependencies installed by different software.
    With W10 since it's "recent" perhaps they are alrady installed

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