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BluetoothService (QML)

  • Qt 5.5.1
    OSX 10.11.12
    iOS 9.2

    Does anyone have a snippet of example code for how to set up the BluetoothService QML Type? The documentation is a bit thin and none of the examples seem to use it.

    Tried the 'ping pong' example – with a laptop and iPad but they never connect. The BLE scanner example gets my neighbor's Apple TV (!) but doesn't discover the "ping pong" service.

    Google has failed me.

  • Ok... cobbling my way into this. Not a lot of info on Qt and Bluetooth besides the docs, which are not very detailed.

    Found an iOS project which sets up the device as a Core Bluetooth Peripheral so that is helpful – the Qt "lowEnergyScanner" example is able to discover it.

    Not found anything yet about setting up a Bluetooth Service from within Qt/QML –

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