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QProcess: Input redirection is not supported

  • Hi Folks,

    I have a small batch script on Windows 7:
    @Echo OFF

    echo %time%
    timeout 2 > NUL
    goto loop

    that is deployed by QProcess, and the output of this process had been redirected into a QIODevice, by this way:
    connect(&_process, &QProcess::readyReadStandardOutput, = {output->write(_process.readAllStandardOutput());});

    The problem is, that in the log file I see a tons of message, like this:
    ERROR: Input redirection is not supported, exiting the process immediately.

    I googled trough the internet, and found the solution to chance the line "timeout 2 > NUL" to "timeout 2" without success.

    Can anybody tell me, what did I wrong?


  • @moravas

    did you try to run the script on command line?

    I have tried to run

     timeout 2 > NUL

    on win 10 64 bit this is supported. Unfortunately, I cannot test on win7 for obvious reasons.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    timeout 2 > NUL
    on win 7 64bit
    in cmd just waits 2 sec and says nothing.
    if I use your bat file. I get scrolling time :)
    update 2:
    using your bat file as test.bat

    void MainWindow::ProcessText() {
      qDebug()  << p.readAllStandardOutput();
    void MainWindow::on_pushButton_released() {
      connect(&p, &QProcess::readyReadStandardOutput, this, &MainWindow::ProcessText);
      p.start("cmd.exe", QStringList() << "/C" << "C:/test.bat");

    Does work.

    So can this log error come from something else?

  • Hi,

    yes, it works fine. As I see, you read the output of the batch synchronously. The problem about of my solution is that I connect a method to the "readyReadOutput" signal (or what's the exact name of it) and the problem occurs in this case.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @mrjj said:
    Hi, is what you do different from this code?
    readyReadStandardOutput is signal which i connect ProcessText to.

    connect(&p, &QProcess::readyReadStandardOutput, this, &MainWindow::ProcessText);

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