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static QT5 and CMake 3.x

  • Hi everybody
    I am developing Qt5 apps within VS2013 and for creating the project files I am using cmake 3.x. As long as using the non static version of Qt5 everyting works very well. The usage of the build in macros results in correct vcproj files.
    But using the static Qt5 (runtime+Qt) ends up in a mess. Links errors...

    Created project files with qmake for the same project contain a lot more (third party) dependencys.

    Thus is there a way to get static Qt and cmake to run fine?

    All I found was this:

    That means extend the cmake files by myself.

    Best regards

  • You can have look to this video of Mike Krus from Kdab explaining a bit of the QMake "magic" from time 0:27 to 0:30. Basically QMake is generating for you the cpp files (the one names "...._import.cpp" this is what you will have to do by yourself with CMake.

  • sure this is the correct video link?

    Ok, but how to add alle the extra preprocessor defines and further 3rd party libraries? Is there anyone out there who has a working CMakeLists.txt file for a VC2013 project that links statically to static Qt with static runtime?

    Really no one?

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