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Wanna build QtWebKit 2.3.4 on Ubuntu 14.04

  • Hi All,
    Found some strange error on using QtWebkit on Windows, and Linux.
    Supposedly, both versions have one source, but under windows I count an errors, which not under Ubuntu 14.04.
    The question is may anybody advise how one can build Debug version of libQtWebKit?
    The problem is ubuntu 14.04 does not content a lot of packages, kinda gstreamer.x.x.x, video and so on. Is there a rep which has all the necessary packages? and shell script, which allowes to install them all?
    I wanna to compare why these messages appear under Windows and not under Linux?

    I am using Qt 4.8.5 in both cases, exactly 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4.1, which is recognized in QtCreator as Qt 4.8.6.

    Hope, I'll got an advise.

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    AFAIK, you should find the dbg packages directly from Ubuntu's repository

  • @SGaist , Hi,

    repository deliveres only debug/release versions of Qt, not QtWebkit. Really must work installing Qt from qt-everywhere with parameters -webkit-debug and so it was under ubuntu 13.10, but it is not supported and I cannot use it to build Qt. The ubuntu 14.94 LTS needs very many packages for building QtWebkit from source, and I can't manage with them...Sorry my stupidity, ubuntu forum claims that is the problem of qt developers...

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    What about the libqtwebkit4-dbg package ?

  • Didn't try, cause I thought this package contains symbolic names, but I want to change code with my own trace prints, and I don't know how to connect this lib with new source, but only rebuild...

    Additionally, I have QtWebkit 2.3.4, but in '/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ I found the qt4.8.5 has more later version of QtWebkit, so it would be more better if I have src of this version and know how to build it under Windows and Ubuntu 14.04.
    P.S. I tried to create QtWebkit from src out of qt-everywhere 4.8.5 (3rdParty/...) and use this lib in my test program, but I failed to debug it, really I have linked it with old libs, not new ones.
    I think this is my lack of good knowledge of Linux, but I hope I'll cope with this...


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    If you want something recent for the 4 series then get 4.8.7.

    As for building QtWebkit, you have everything needed to build the module from the source package. Just build a complete Qt and you will have it.

    [fixed typo SGaist]

  • Many thanks, but it seems not all may be done, may be my lack of knowledge.
    I tried to build from qt-every-where 4.8.5, I succeed under Windows XP, really I may debug only upper level of procedures, and couldn't do any step inside next level, e.g. inside page action "paste". I think, the creator doesn't allow step inside because some include files are inside *.pri file.
    There also exist include file config.h, which creator didn't see and project couldn't be assembled.
    I've attempted to compile it under Ubuntu LTS 14.04, and it seems, I managed this way, but I can't debug libqtwebkit, cause the creator doesn't know where is the source of library or I.
    I was lucky to assemble qtwebkit-2.3.4 under WinXP 32bit and under Ubuntu 14.04. First of all because there is a perl script for compiling. This helps me to look inside qtwebkit.
    So I find the reason of some strange behavior of qtwebkit under WinXP. The difference is in the information placed into WinXP clipboard. QtWebkit works right, if you use it right. No comments, wrong decoding and so on.
    Many thanks for help, I made one step further in my understanding of QtWebkit.


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    Just a reminder: Qt 4.8.7 is that last release of the 4 series and unless there's security fixes to apply there will not be more releases. Also, the QtWebKit module has been deprecated in Qt 5.5 in favor of QtWebEngine so depending on what you want to build as application, take it into consideration.