QtMediaPlayer on imx6 always in StoppedState

  • I'm building a small media player app on imx6 board. It uses QtMediaPlayer class. i load files to QMediaPlaylist and then play them via QMediaPlayer. The app works on desktop running Ubuntu but when deployed to the imx6 board it reports player->currentMedia() is null. This does not happen on desktop machine.
    The playlist is not empty and files are loaded correctly, but when I set the state to player->play() nothing happens, the state remains at StoppedState, the Volume is also "0" even when set to 100.
    The error string is empty.

    Audio from console on the imx board works fine, but I tested it using aplay and QMediaPlayer is using a different means (Gstreamer I think).

    I wonder if this could be related to GStreamer issues or version. The imx board has Gstreamer 1.0 installed.

    I would appreciate if someone could give me some pointers on how to start debugging this problem

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