Qt Creator doesn't start Qt5.6

  • I have just downloaded the offline installer Qt 5.6_MSVC_2015 and installed when I attempt to start Qt Creator it doesn't start although I see the two processes qmake and QtCreator in the process explorer , I'm running a Windows 7 i have MSVC 2013 installed, I had QT4 and Qt 5.2 installed before on this machine also I had tried to compile a static QT5 using MSVC_2013 but failed , cleaned all path variable related to the last Qt builds, do i need to install MSVC_2015_redistribution ? or just use Qt_MSVC_2013 ( I have a low speed internet so downloading another 800MB is a lot )

  • @chebhou

    I am not sure with these more recent MSVC but previous versions of MSVC could not be mixed. The object files are different.

    Therefore my recommendation would be to use the same QT MSVC version only with the same MSVC compiler version. So either 2013 or 2015 for both.

    However, that is apparently not your problem when starting Qt creator. Is there any error response?
    Before you download the whole stuff again I would go for a repeated installation of Qt with the offline version you have already. Afterwards you might have to download the whole stuff again.

  • thanks @koahnig thanks for the reply
    there are no errors , and i can kill the qtcreator process but can't do the same to the qmake process, and i will try your suggestion in a while

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    You can't mix and match libraries and compiler from different versions of Visual Studio. You should grab 5.6 for Visual Studio 2013.

  • @SGaist
    Thanks for clarification.
    Always a good bet that MSVC versions are incompatible ;)

  • it seems to be more complicated than MSVC version mismatch , after itried the reinstall and it didn't work , I tried older version Qt_5.4_MSVC_2013 and it didnt work while Qt_5.6_MSVC_2013 works , so since it seams that there is something else I decided to create new windows install and try the setup again ( which is a pain ) , Is there any way to be sure that the previous ( uninstalled ) Qt versions are not interfering with this ?

    Thanks @koahnig and @SGaist for the help

  • @chebhou

    Basically the MSVC version issue would have been your next challenge.
    However, it shall be independent of the creator problem. You may check also on JIRA if there has been a bug reported. Sometimes the starting problem happens. However, I do not know the sure.

    I will move your thread to tools section. This section is actually the section where Qt creator issues belong. You should have also there for a solution. You are not the first one with the problem. :(

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