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Slider not sliding (Android 4.2. on Banana Pi)

  • Hello there,

    i have a question to an observation:
    i´m running Android 4.2. on a Banana Pi and i´m testing which features are working and which don´t. To be specific i don´t deploy directly, i install the App by .apk files.

    For example i have an App which has sliders. when i drag and move the sliders, they´re sticking to thier current location and when i free the knop, the slider jumps to the the value where the curser is. What can this be?

    I guess there is something like unimplemented interfaces from the side of the Android port.
    Or is it possible, that my Qt version 5.5.0 is too new for the Android 4.2 ?

    best regards,

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