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Is building WebKit on Windows really as complicated as it seems?

  • Earlier this weekend I was successful in porting an application from a Mac build to Windows (with help from the forum!). But along the way, I temporarily jettisoned WebKit from my build because it looked like it was going to be difficult to get built and integrated properly, and it was fairly easy for me to hack the application to remove the portion which uses WebKit so as to at least establish basic feasibility. But now I have the ported application working and need to get WebKit back in. Before I follow the instructions at, I wanted to ask whether this is really the best way to do it. It looks like it should be capable of being built like other modules, without so much extra work! Of course I'll do whatever is best, but before embarking... can anyone suggest the best method for including WebKit with the rest of my needs from qtbase?

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    Isn't that the same as being answered here ?

  • Yes! (but since that other one had a very different title given it started on a different issue, I had created this one with a more relevant title. Based on your reply, this can now be closed. Thank you!)

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