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'hasAncestor' is not a member of QStyleHelper' error from MSVC build: qwindowsvistastyle.cpp: error C2039

  • I am trying to build Qt from source using msvc_64. I downloaded the "Qt Source Package, Full Framework with Windows style line endings", extracted it, make a build directory, and then in CMD shell commands:

    ..\Qt-5.5.1\configure -release -no-accessibility -nomake tests -nomake examples

    which caused no errors, and then:


    Thank you,

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  • Many thanks mrjj - that got me through that problem.

    But now, having completed the build apparently successfully, the application I am linking to cannot find what it needs for Qt5WebKitWidgets. It is looking for Qt5WebKitWidgetsConfig.cmake.

    When I built on the mac, WebKit was included without special treatment. But is this true on Windows? Do I have to do anything explicitly to build or install WebKit?

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    ok super.
    As far as I know Webkit need to be build alone
    Maybe you can find better info.

    Do you need it in the app?

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    To add to @mrjj, it's fixed for 5.6

  • Thank you! With the changes suggested here, the build is complete!

    Best for your New Year and many thanks for the help,

  • @SGaist thank you, whe you indicate it is fixed in 5.6, do you mean the original issue which I worked around by not setting no accessibility, or the issue about WebKit?

    As I indicated, I was successful in porting an application from a Mac build to Windows (with the help of mrjj). But to do it, I temporarily jettisoned WebKit from my build because it looked like it was going to be difficult to get built and integrated properly, and it was fairly easy for me to hack the application to remove the portion which uses WebKit so as to at least establish basic feasibility. But now I have the ported application working and need to get WebKit back in. Before I follow the instructions at, I wanted to ask whether this is really the best way to do it. It looks like it should be capable of being built like other modules, without so much extra work! Of course I'll do whatever is best, but before embarking... can anyone suggest the best method for including WebKit with the rest of my needs from qtbase?

    Many thanks,

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    Since you are building from the package did you check that you have everything that's indicated here ?

  • @SGaist I have Perl and Python, but not Ruby. Of course I can add it. If I do have all these, then does the build complete it without more than the configure/nmake? If it did, that would be simple enough. Or, do I have to go through the separate steps after first doing the normal configure/name?

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    Since you already built the rest, you should only need to do a qmake/jom.exe combo to get the module built.

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