The CDB process terminated unexspectetly

  • Hallo,
    I changed to a new computer and from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and change to Qt5.4.2 toQt5.5.1.
    Now in debugging mode, after I exit my program in a normal way I get this message in an error box.
    It is not really a great problem but it is one click more.
    What is the reason and how can I avoid it.

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    Could you test with a new project if it does the same?

  • Indeed a new project (QtWidgets-App) produces NOT the errors.

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    Ok. so its something in that project that does crash some how.
    Very hard to guess what it could be.
    Setting a break point in mainwindow destructor and
    single step dont provides any hints?

  • Hi @mrjj
    Destructor of MainWindow will been never reached in my program.

    In general I dont know what happens if a program closes. All worked before so I never thought about it.
    Does a close action calls all destructors ? In which order ?
    What should I do before close a program ?

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    well normally, the message loop is exited.

    int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
    QApplication a(argc, argv);
    MainWindow w;;
    return a.exec(); << this is exited
    } << here w destructor should be called.

  • Hi @mrjj

    Indeed I get the error after the a.exec in the "}" row.
    Debugging gives only assembler-code of my CarDamage-Program: In 0x15187bd I get the message from the debugger.
    Any ideas. My return code is 0.
    Strange is that I dont get the message in my old system. What has changed in Qt /Debugger?

    0x151879a  <+0x022a>         movzx   eax,word ptr [ebp-1Ch]
    0x151879e  <+0x022e>         push    eax
    0x151879f  <+0x022f>         mov     ecx,dword ptr [ebp-20h]
    0x15187a2  <+0x0232>         push    ecx
    0x15187a3  <+0x0233>         push    0
    0x15187a5  <+0x0235>         push    offset CarDamage!__ImageBase (01380000)
    0x15187aa  <+0x023a>         call    CarDamage!WinMain (01519290)
    0x15187af  <+0x023f>         mov     dword ptr [CarDamage!mainret (0191921c)],eax
    0x15187b4  <+0x0244>         cmp     dword ptr [CarDamage!managedapp (01919220)],0
    0x15187bb  <+0x024b>         jne     CarDamage!__tmainCRTStartup+0x25a (015187ca)
    0x15187bd  <+0x024d>         mov     edx,dword ptr [CarDamage!mainret (0191921c)]          **** Debuger Msg
    0x15187c3  <+0x0253>         push    edx
    0x15187c4  <+0x0254>         call    dword ptr [CarDamage!_imp__exit (0191a13c)]
    0x15187ca  <+0x025a>         cmp     dword ptr [CarDamage!has_cctor (01919218)],0

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    Well its odd if it really is same code.
    Often its a double delete of some data.
    Say mainwindow deletes something and u do to.
    Else it's some mismatch of Qt dll versions or something like that.
    But should do in fresh project also.

    You could try to create a new button and do
    MainWindow *test=new MainWindow()
    delete test;

    just to see if the actual destruction of mainwind that does it.

    Also, do you have any global data?

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