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  • Hi to all,
    I would to know how to add the TSLIB plugin in an existing Qt 5 setup, without recompile everything from the sources.
    I tried several guides to natively compile QT5 on RPI2 , like https://wiki.qt.io/Native_Build_of_Qt_5.4.1_on_a_Raspberry_Pi, without success. Currently I'm using the lib downloaded from https://twolife.be/raspbian/, but they do not provide tslib plugin, theoretically a "plugin" should be added without library recompilation.
    Do you know if there is a guide that works or an image available with Qt 5 with eglfs + tslib for rpi2?
    Thank you in advance


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    One thing you can do is build it by hand. If you did an insource build, just go to the qtbase/src/plugins/generic/tslib/ folder and call qmake + make/make install. Depending on where your TSLib files can be found, you may have to give some additional informations to find them, but basically it should work.

  • Thank you for the reply, I managed to compile the tsib plugin in Qt5.3.2 but I have another problem, at the first touch event the application crashes without give me any information (i.e. segmentation fault or whatever). Nonetheless the tslib tool such as ts_calibrate & ts_test work without problem.
    Just to make a brief overview, I compiled natively the tslib plugin, then I downloaded the kergoth tslib, compiled it and configured as described in https://wiki.qt.io/Native_Build_of_Qt_5.4.1_on_a_Raspberry_Pi.
    I would like to get some information about the application crash, just to understand what I did wrong. I think that soon I will try to cross compile the new Qt5,6 lib, following the relative guide.


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    You should run your application through the debugger to see where it fails exactly

  • @SGaist I'm getting "Project ERROR: Library 'tslib' is not defined." during this step.

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