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QT, Google AdWords API & gsoap

  • Hello everyone !

    I'm dealing with this situation for days but have no clue ! Please Help !!!

    I need to communicate with Google AdWords API from QT Quick Application.
    What I'm already done so far is get Access Token from Authentication Page.
    I can make a request use QNetworkRequest and Service return the result.

    What I want to do is using gSoap generated code to send the same request.
    But it return error code 30 : SOAP_SSL_ERROR

    What i'm missed?!

        CampaignServiceSoapBindingProxy *campaignService;
        _targetNamespace__get *get = new _targetNamespace__get();
        get->serviceSelector = new targetNamespace__Selector();
        _targetNamespace__getResponse response;
        targetNamespace__SoapHeader *requestHeader = new targetNamespace__SoapHeader();
        requestHeader->developerToken = &devToken;
        requestHeader->clientCustomerId = &customerId;
        requestHeader->userAgent = &userAgent;
        targetNamespace__SoapResponseHeader *responseHeader = new targetNamespace__SoapResponseHeader();
        campaignService->soap_header(requestHeader, responseHeader);
        campaignService->fposthdr(campaignService, "Content-Type", "application/soap+xml");
        campaignService->fposthdr(campaignService, "Authorization", QString("Bearer %1").arg(AccessToken()).toStdString().c_str());
        int result = campaignService->get(get, response);
        if (result == SOAP_OK)

  • Anyone have any ideal?

    I thought the problem is gsoap and https/ssl

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    Since the error is happening with gSoap you should try to contact them for help about that SSL error. Usually it's related to a certificate that has expired, changed or that's self-signed.

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