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IMX6 Qt Quick - 5.3.2 Unpredicted Issues

  • Hello all,

    We are building Qt applications(QML based - Qt Quick 2) on IMX6 using Yocto provided Qt. The Qt version is Qt-5.3.2.
    We are facing graphics issues when we run customized Qt Application application in Full Window mode. We've also tried using Qt 5.4 and face the same issues.


    1.** Small black box :**
    When any QML application is launched for the first time, clicking somewhere on the application creates a small black box.

    1. Drop down box glitches :
      A small glitch is produced in the drop down whenever an item is selected.

    2. Mouse cursor disappearance :
      Mouse cursor appears only when there is movement in the mouse. Then it disappears.

    3. Drop down box freeze issue:
      The application freezes consistently when an item is selected in the Qt Quick control provided Drop down box.

    These issues are not happening when we run the application in non-Full Window mode i.e if the display resolution is 800x600, if we increase/decrease the width by 1 point i.e, 799x600 or 801x600, we are not facing this issue. We are not able to understand the cause for the above mentioned issues.

    We are suspecting following regarding these issues :

    1. Title Bar in Qt application.
      Qt provided examples are not causing the above mentioned problems. These applications has a title bar. But our customized QML applications don't.

    2. Issue in Qt library itself provided by Yocto

    Has anyone faced similar issue ?

    I've also uploaded the Yocto logs captured while configuring the Qt. Please use the following link to have look at the logs:

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    --Narayanan K

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