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QML video element not able to play H264 video

  • I am using QML Video element to play an H264 video file. I am not getting either video / audio.
    however, the same file plays on Windows media player and VLC.
    FYI, the environment is Qt 5.5 MinGw, Windows10

      Video {
            id: vid
            anchors.fill: parent
            source: "file://C:/testVideo.mp4"
            autoLoad: true
            autoPlay: true

    so, Qt multimedia doesn't support H264 decoders on Windows platform?
    may I know what all video formats does Qt multimedia supports?

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    IIRC, MinGW uses the DirectX backend and this one supports less video formats.

    Qt supports what the platform supports bug Windows is an "alien" in the sense that there are two backends.

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