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Qt Creator Build and Run broken

  • Hi,

    For some reason I cannot get Qt Creator to compile and run anymore. I think it may have been related to updating to the latest AMD graphics driver, as this issue affects two of my machines that both received that upgrade. Build and rebuild work fine. If I manually copy all of the required dll files to the build directory like I would for deployment, then it works fine. This used to only effect release mode, but after uninstalling and rolling back from Qt 5.5 to Qt 5.4, both versions no longer work. On my primary development machine I have removed all traces of the graphics driver and associated programs and cleaned the registry. How can I get this to work? I have a project that is long overdue.

    I am need of at least two answers. First, why does my program run three processes and enter an unkillable state when there are missing dll files? Second, why has Qt Creator stopped linking the dll files correctly with build and run?

    This happens even with the simple GUI application I get when I go through the dialogs to create a new project. Because of this, I don't think it has to do with my code.

  • Hi, usually when a program is missing dll files Windows will complain, stop the program and show an error message, but maybe (I'm just guessing here) you have an antivirus program running that stops that process?

    About Qt Creator not linking anymore, that can happen after an upgrade/downgrade, so that Qt Creator thinks you have for example Qt 5.5 installed, but in reality you have Qt 5.4 installed (or the other way around).
    Also, to eliminate possible issues with your graphics driver, test your Qt Creator by building an empty Qt console program and try to launch that. This program will only require Qt5Core.dll (or Qt5Cored.dll) and only opens a CMD window.

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