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Is there any easy way to get creator and assistant looking right?

  • I use ubuntu 15.10 currently. Everything I use looks great except for unreadably tiny fonts (I use a high res monitor) in creator and assistant which can't be changed by any means.

    There are bug reports about it going back many years, which I contributed to recently, and I've seen suggested that the two packages must be built with webKit support. So I dl'd the Qt5.5.1 source, sorted out dependencies, including some like bison and Perl for webKit, and sure enough assistant fonts are looking good and adjustable as developers intended.

    Sorting out the qtchooser was interesting (I'm a newbie) and building the docs put them in the wrong place so I just moved them and assistant built an index next time I ran it. But can I get creator to build? No; it errors out with complaints about qtquick1 module.

    It's been hard to get this far, so I'm hoping either Qt5.6 will fix the problem (as I read webKit is out in favour of webEngine), or someone has a ppa or a direct dl for an up-to-date version with the the fonts creator and assistant use working right.


  • Installed Qt5.6 alpha today and the text font in assistant is tiny and can not be increased in size by CTRL+scroll, the + zoom widget, or by increasing Preferences - Fonts - Browser - Point size. All those adjustment methods only increase the point size of the font used for headings...

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    Im sorry for your troubles.
    Just to know, what resolution do you have?

  • @mrjj Thanks for replying. 2560x1440 on 27" and I can't change it with the graphics driver I use (not that I'd want to).

  • A happy ending (beginning) to report. Long story short - (622MB) available from works (assistant text font size is adjustable) on Linux Mint 17.3 (trusty tahr based) and ubuntu 15.10 and probably any in between, but I've only tested on those two.

    I tested both on fresh VirtualBox VMs with 'build-essential', 'mesa-common-dev' and 'libglu1-mesa-dev' (and packages required by those) installed and was happy to find a "Qt Creator (Community)" .desktop file in /home/john/.local/share/applications.

    Qt creator doesn't work with '3D Acceleration' enabled on the host in VirtualBox VMs, but is OK with that disabled.

    qtchooser is really neat. All I had to do was make a folder in ~/.config called 'qtchooser', create a file in there called 'defaults.conf' with just two lines like:


    and now 'qmake -v' tells me:

    "QMake version 3.0
    Using Qt version 5.5.1 in /home/john/Qt5.5.1/5.5/gcc_64/lib"

    Easier (and more flexible) than messing with the path.

    Assistant really is useful and it's good to have it working properly again. And now I am away to write my killer app.. :)

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    Thank you for reporting back and happy coding!

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