qt 4.4 support for RHEL6

  • I would like to know, whether there is a official support of Qt 4.4.0 on RHEL 6.
    If not then which verion onwards of Qt is officially supported for RHEL 6.

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    @puneet said:
    Hi and welcome
    You can see the offcial supported here

    I dont think Qt 4.4 is supported any more as
    4.8 is Supported until 19.12.2015

    I think you can buy support if needed.

  • Thanks for the response. Can you tell me specifically what are the technical difficulties, I may face if I use Qt 4.4 on RHEL 6.
    Since my application is compiling and executing fine on RHEL 6 with Qt 4.4. I need to know about the technical glithches or any specific API not supported in RHEL 6 for Qt 4.4

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    Well all products have bugs and Qt 4.4 also has
    but if you can run your application
    chances are it will just work.

    You can look in old bugs to see if something comes up

    Sorry I cannot be more specific but I have only used 4.8 and 4.4 is a really old version since we are at 5.6 now.

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    You should consider migrating, if not possible to Qt5, at least to the later versions of Qt4. Qt 4.4 is a release some 8 years old, and I really doubt it's supported at all, not to mention for a specific platform.

    Kind regards.

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