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Qt 5.4.1 QTestLib colorizing results in console output not working (red green unit testing)

  • I would like to have the results of QTestLib in the console colorized (PASS: green, FAIL: red) in order to see the results faster (Increasing QTestLib productivity). I am using Qt 5.4.1 MSVC2010 x64. I set the environmental variable QTEST_COLORED to 1. However, the console output from the QTestLib gets not colorized. When I am using Qt 4.8.6 x64 then the console output gets colorized as expected (PASS: green, FAIL: red).

    Does anybody know how I can achieve the same result in Qt 5.4.1?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    That was an undocumented feature that has been removed 4 years ago. See here for more details

  • @SGaist
    Thank's for the information!

    That means that the only possibilty is to use post-processing in order to colorize the test output.

    How would you do that in Qt creator and in visual studio?

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    For Qt Creator, I'd take a look at code handling the output panel.

    As for Visual Studio, I don't know.

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