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QT WebKit Flash

  • Hello, i'm new to using qt, i just recently found it in the ubuntu repository, and i have qt designer working, and i tried to use the QWebView thing, but i noticed it didn't have flash support, so i went to the main site to see if there had been even any mention of flash support, and there was, and what's more it says there's full flash support, yet i can't get it to load. Is there any way to get flash working?

  • flash should work with webkit (support was added in qt 4.5 itself) .. have you added this line ?

    QWebSettings::globalSettings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);

  • How would i go about doing that in designer? i haven't yet found a way of adding or editing the internal script yet.

  • what i did was, use the designer to add a qwebview, and then opened my cpp file and added this line at the appropriate place. then load the url which had flash, it just works

  • i'm just getting an error saying that i don't have the latest version of flash, even though i do.

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    Such error pages are usually triggered by the web pages themselves, not by webkit. Do you have the required flash version for the site installed? Is that plugin seen by qtwebkit or does that pick up some old one installed in some out-of way location? Is your browser able to render show the flash? Sometimes e.g. linux does not get the newest flash version that is already available elsewhere.

  • yes my browser does have the latest one, and it isn't installed anywhere out of the way... how do i know which version QT is picking up?

  • alright, now i'm just getting a compile error (i've switched to the version that actually gets installed via one of the installers..... i had previously been using a compiled and configured version..... now if i knew why i waited the 5 hours for it to compile..... didn't take that long to install though..... hmmm....) the error i'm getting is that it needs a type specifier before setattribute, and there's one more that i think is just caused by that first one, also i have both a windows and a linux machine now (windows vista 32-bit) and the linux one is the same as before....

  • alright i have it working in the windows machine..... the pitifully weak one.... sure it may have 1gb more ram, but it doesn't have dual xeon cpu's in it :D I'd think it'd be one of the first laptops that had them if it did.... it'd be insanely hot as well....

  • but now i'm getting an error in phonon.... on the linux one...

  • ok, now i have flash working on the linux one, (which compiles what it takes the windows one 10 minutes to compile, in a little under 5 seconds) but now i have a problem, flash only works for the first page that loads, anything after the first page, it will show the formatting as if it was going to load the flash, but it won't actually load the flash. How would I go about fixing this?

  • also, is there a way to prevent the pages loading all at once? as well as have the cookies transfer to all of them?

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