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  • Hi everyone,

    I am new to QT and I am trying to combing VTK and QT together. In order to use QT with my VS 2005 and 2010, I have compiled QT from source codes and then compiled VTK. The examples In VTK for GUI support of QT is successfully compiled and ran without any problem.

    However, I cannot see the qVTK widgets in QT Designer. So I copied the qvtkwidgets.dll into QT_DIR/plugins/designer as is described in many posts online. Then I cannot start Qt Designer. And I got the error as follows:

    Debug Error!

    Program: C:\Qt\4.7.3\bin\designer.exe

    ASSERT failur in Qcolomap: " A Aqpplication object nees to be constructed before QColormap is use.", file painting\qcolormap_win.cpp, line 143

    So could some one help me out with this. Thanks very much.

  • Anyone can help? Thanks.

  • Finally I have figured out what is happening. When compile VTK, I am using "Debug" mode rather than "Release" Mode. After I recompiled VTK in "Release" Mode, and copied the qVTKWidgets.dll into QT designer's plugin directory, QT designer is working now.

    Some reference can be found in the page :
    , from which I got the idea to compile VTK In "Release" Mode.

    Hopes this will help those who encounter similar problem.

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