Qt Ambassadors at the MeeGo Conference SF!

  • Thanks to the Qt Ambassadors who stopped by the Nokia, Qt booth at the MeeGo Conference San Francisco this week.
    It was nice to meet you:-)
    I had the chance to look at some pretty neat Qt projects that will soon be posted in the Qt Ambassador Showcase. A big shout out to the following Qt Ambassadors who stopped by and said "Hi" to me at some point during the 3-day conference - sorry if I left someone out :-)

    • Victor Ng-Thow-Hing

    • Jeff Mitchell

    • Ajith Chandran

    • Andrea Grandi

    • Dan Jensen

    Cool t-shirts!

    !http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/qt-ambassadors-meego-conf-2011/(Qt Ambassadors MeeGo Conf 2011)!

  • a very nice pic :)

  • Very funny! just opened this very old thread to look for a way to get rid of it and found my picture :)

    BTW....Yes, you left me out! No worries though ... :)

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