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Execute external program from qtquick 1.0

  • Hi

    I am using kde 4 and developing qml apps to teach myself qml. I have been trying to execute an external program with qml or javascript but I have been unable to locate a means. I have viewed web pages that call to develop c code to be compiled then accessed from within qml. How do I do that? I would appreciate a response. Thank you.

  • See if this does what you want:

  • Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I am not a C++ developer so I do not know how to proceed. Can you respond with a set of instructions on how to process that code? Thanks.

  • There's really not much more to it than described on the web page. You'll go through the "New File" dialog in Creator, and add a C++ class called Process. Then paste the code into your process.h, and make the changes specified to your main.cpp.

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