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QGraphicsView transparent over another QGraphicsView

  • I know this subject is frequent on forums but I can't find a solution to my specific problem.

    I've got a QMAinWindow, which centralWiget is a QMdiArea composed by several QGraphicsView.
    I want to display a QGraphicsView over this QMainWidow and it's QGraphicsView s.
    I set the MainWindow as parent of my new QGraphicsView and apply a transparent
    brush on it ( setBackgroundBrush(Qt::transparent);

    The result : the new QGraphicsView is not transparent when it passes over a QGraphicsView from the QMidAre of the MainWindow.
    If there's no QGraphicsView, there's no problem it's transparent (I've got a pixmap for background of my mainWaindow and it appears)

    If someone knows how to fix this problem it would be welcome

  • I can't find a solution to that problem.
    Nobody knows what can be done?

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