How to reading PDF file with QTextEdit

  • Hello friends, I want to ask you, I want to read the text contained in the PDF file. How do I do that? Previously I've tried using QByteArray, it can not. This code uses QByteArray:

    QString getFile = "/home/rnd/Instalasi.pdf";
    QFile file(getFile);
    QByteArray pdfFile = file.readAll();
    qDebug() << pdfFile;


    2 0 obj
    <</Length 3 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode>>
    x��W�n�0 ��+|.0�H-���{�������n��@s���%y��L�9�X��G���D�c���c

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    PDFs are binary structured files, so you'll have to parse the contents to extract the text. Wikipedia provides an overview of the file structure for different versions. There might be some packages (libraries) that could be used to read PDF contents, and my advice is to research which one of them might (possibly) be of use to you.

    Kind regards.

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    Besides uses a library as @kshegunov suggest, you could also use
    cmdline tool to run on pdf and it saves text to file.
    This one
    has pdftotext tool.

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    There's an interesting Wiki article here about PDF handling.

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