How to choose kits and install on Windows 10?

  • Hello,
    I just installed Qt on my Windows 10 desktop. I worked through the TextFinder tutorial but it does not compile/run. I went back and tried to compile/run the Clocks example to check the installation and it did not work. I am missing something in the installation. I also was not sure about choosing kits during the install.
    Any ideas on how to get this set p correctly? Thanks,```

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    Hi and welcome

    Unless you have visual studio compiler installed,
    you should select the mingw compiler packet.

    If you tried to run Qt Quick Demo - Clocks and it did not work, you might not
    have installed Qt quick.

    So try to run the installer again and look over the options.
    It normally works out of the box.

  • I tried to run the installer again and it says it is already installed (of course). Do I need to uninstall?
    Also there was a step that asked to choose kits and I did not select all - how do I know which to choose?
    thank you!

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    well for the installer, yes.
    There is also a maintenance tool.
    That can add & remove.
    But easiest just to uninstall and reinstall.

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