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Qt + Linux + OpenOffice

  • Hi,

    How to automate work with Office packages and in particular OpenOffice (LibreOffice) in the Qt/C++ program on Linux?

    For Windows I can use ActiveQt for Word/Excel automation, Disphelper for OpenOffice automation. But Disphelper works for Windows only.

    What approach can I use in Linux(Ubuntu)?

  • I have looked into this myself. You will need to look at UNO and download the SDK for Libreoffice / Openoffice. Once you have this you can automate this software on any platform you want.

    I haven't done much beyond the examples provided ( http://api.libreoffice.org/examples/examples.html#Cpp_examples ) since there was no pressing need but I believe this is the answer.

    This has nothing to do with Qt but I don't see why you couldn't incorporate this into a Qt program. This should not be an issue.