Qt Creator and C++14 compatibility on OS X

  • Hi guys. I'm trying to make this:

    void throw_exception(const auto& obj, const QString& errorMsg)
    // .. here my code

    as you can see, I'm using auto as parameter of my function, but this feature is available in c++14. To enable c++14 compilation I have added this 2 lines t my .pro file:

    CONFIG += c++11
    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=c++1y

    CONFIG += c+=11 and not c++14 because for some reason qt creator doesn't understand CONFIG+= c++14.
    well... this doesn't work. The error which I got is simple:

    ../untitled/mainwindow.h:6:28: error: 'auto' not allowed in function prototype
    void throw_exception(const auto& obj, const QString& errorMsg)

    so, that told me that c++14 configuration is not available, only c++11 is available...
    How can I fix this ?


  • I don't think your function definition is legal C++. You probably want something like:

    template<typename T>
    void throw_exception(T const& obj, QString const& errorMsg) {
       /// ...

    AFAIK only abbreviated generic lambdas allow auto type deduction of function arguments.

  • Thanks.. c++14 has support for auto type in parameters but just in lambda functions... not for free functions, regards... my mistake

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