A QStackedWidget inside a QStackedwidget issue

  • My application contains a QStackedWidget and a next and back button. Inside that QStackedwidget, I have several pages including a tabWidget (3 tabs) and in each tab I have a QStackedwidget. However, I am trying to use the next button that was created on the original screen in order to move from one page to another on the QStackedWidget that is inside the tabwidget BUT it is ignoring it completely. My question is: Is it possible for that next button to ever work on qstackwidgets or even tabwidgets which are inside another QStackedwidget?

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    Is this some sort of QWizard containing a QStackeWidget in each page ?

  • @SGaist It works like a QWizard but it is a QWidget which contains a QStackWidget, next & back buttons (these buttons are pressed to either go to the previous or next page on the QStackedWidget), keyboard. In page 7 of that QStackedwidget, I have a QTabWidget which currently has 3 tabs. In each tab, it has their own QStackedWidget. My question is if it's possible for the next and back buttons on the main QWidget to access the QStackedwidget that are inside the QTabWidget? The reason why I would like to do this is because I would like it to keep it consistent and not change where the layout of the buttons are at and keep using those buttons only to change pages.

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    Possible yes, but it seems your UI is rather pretty complex. What are you designing ?

  • @SGaist it is for a software I am not really supposed to really give information about.

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