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Differences between QML WebView on Qt 5.2.1 X11 and Embedded (framebuffer)

  • Hello,

    I have been working on getting Qt 5.2.1 working on Embedded Linux (SMARC sAMX6i/Kontron). I have been successfully able to build an QML-based application that displays a WebView fullscreen using framebuffer (fb0) on HDMI output. However, rendering of the webpage in question that I have to url property of the WebView pointing to is problematic, and I receive several JavaScript related error message on the debug console. Using the identical QML-code on corresponding Qt 5.2.1 X11 (Linux x86) works just fine.

    My question; are there any signification differences between the Embedded (fb) and X11 implementations of the QML WebView (import QtWebKit 3.0) that could cause rendering problems on Embedded? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Andreas Enbacka

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