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Qt + RaspberryPi Compile issues

  • Hi,

    My friend is working on a Pi project and he found some issues on cross compiling Qt5 with raspberry pi. The issues are added below. Any help is really appreciated.

    1). After referring this guide, I was able to deploy my project on raspberry but i am not able to see GUI on my PC. Then i connect raspberry pi with TV through HDMI and there i am able to see the GUI. So does that mean GUI will only display on separate connected TV or i have done something wrong step?

    2). The "websocket" project builds successfully on DESKTOP KIT. But when i select my RASPBERRY KIT, it shows error like 'no websocket module'.

    3). Using 'wiringPi' library with Qt deploys successfully to Raspberrypi, but it shows run time error like: "wiringPi must be root", So is there any way to run my qt project with root privilege ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi ansispi,

    1.) You haven´t done something wrong. The deployed application is running on your pi and therfore not displayed on your pc.

    2.) It seems you didn´t configure / compile the websocket modul.

    3.) You can change the deployment configuration of your projects to run your application with sudo. The default pi user is in root group.

  • @sneubert

    Thanks for that. Let me check with my friend, I hope this will solve his problem.


  • Hi, I suggest you to use pigpio instead of wiringpi. You can run an application on raspberry with ssh -X and sudo.

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