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Symbian capture key forwarding in declarative-camera example seems to work only if the camera is loaded as the first qml file

  • in the main.cpp

    homeScreenView = new QmlApplicationViewer();

    homeScreenView->rootContext()->setContextProperty("euroChar", QString(QChar(8364)));


    This home screen view in turn calls declarative-camera.qml on a button click. On component completed of declarative-camera, I am emitting a signal which will inturn call

    #ifdef Q_OS_SYMBIAN
    new QSymbianCameraKeyListener(homeScreenView);
    #endif // Q_OS_SYMBIAN

    This is not working.

    It works only if i set the homeScreenview source to declarative-camera.qml and create the new SymbianCameraKeyListener after showfullscreen. how should I create it, if i want to create it from the child qml.

    [EDIT: code formatting, please use @-tags, Volker]

  • Also, if you use the symbian key capture button, the image is not saved. It shows only on the preview

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