Undefined Reference to my own Class?

  • Hi there. I feel that this just seems like a noobish question, however, I have a Quaternion class that I completely copied from another project and I've done it multiple times without a problem, but for some reason with Qt, I'm getting 40+ undefined references.


    They all seem to have something to do with those operator overload functions. Does anybody have any idea what's going on? Is there more information that you guys need in order to help me out?

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    And you did add the .cpp too ?
    are those files in same folder as rest of project or in sub folder?

  • @mrjj Oh wow, I'm such a dunce. I didn't copy the Quaternion.cpp file. My bad. Now I really look like a beginner. Haha. Sorry to waste your guy's time!

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    hi, its really not a issue. And trust me, it's not even
    close to the most beginner thing i seen :)
    Just mark as solved and all is lovely :)

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