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QPushbutton Signalloss on andoird

  • Hello everyone, I have the following situation:

    I have a menu bar at the top of my app, with 9 items -QGroupbox- in total. Every box consists of 2 Labels, one with an Icon and one for the text and 1 transparent Pushbutton for Touch-Signal detection. The Button is raised.

    This works perfectly fine for one of my target devices - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro.
    There are problems with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. On this device, button 2 to 9 work flawlessly but button 1 not. Only every other Signal is lost.

    However, if i press onto the bottom corner of the item or the right corner, the Signal is registert every single time.

    The same code works fine on Tab Pro but does not work reliably on Tab 4

    Both are arm- architectures, both have the android Version 4.4.2.
    I'm useing QT 5.4.1.
    Am I missing something obvious, or this actually some kind of bug?

    There are only 2 places in my code, where I interact with the button. I paste them at the end.

    The strange thing about it is, on other sides of my stakedWidget, I have the same behaviour with different buttons. But allways the Button furthest to the left.

    Making the App smaller, removing 100 pixel in total and moveing the app 100 pixel to the right, does not change the behaviour at all.

    ui->lblText->setGeometry(ui->groupBox_49->width()/4, 0, ui->groupBox_49->width()*3/4, ui->groupBox_49->height());
    ui->lblIcon->setGeometry(ui->groupBox_49->height()*1/10, ui->groupBox_49->height()*3/10, (ui->groupBox_49->height()*36/75) - ui->groupBox_49->height()*1/5, ui->groupBox_49->height()*2/5 );

    connect(ui->btnMenu_1, SIGNAL(pressed()), this, SLOT(ZurueckEditRezepts()));

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