[UNSATISFIED CLOSED]Qt Opensource vs Commercial

  • I am new to Qt and want to know the basic difference between Opensource vs Commerical. Before i start using Qt as my base programming language for development.

    1. Can one use Opensource edition of Qt. to create a closed source application for sale or not.
      here Opensource edition refers to Binary built using this edition.

    2. Can one use Opensource edition of Qt to built static executable having closed source application for sale or not.

    Waiting for reply,

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    First thing, Qt's not a language, it's a C++ framework, so you first have to learn C++.

    1. You need to follow the LGPL license
    2. No, a static build breaks both LGPL and GPL license, you need to have a commercial license if you want to use a static build of Qt.

  • @SGaist

    Yes I know, Qt is just a framework like MFC, wxWidgets etc.
    So for static build commercial license is required, got it.

    But i don't get your point regarding my first question. Can you give some idea regarding dynamic built library of Qt. Can it be used to produce closed source application for sale.

    here dynamic built library refers to opensource edition of qt which qt.io provides.

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    My point is that you have to follow and abide by the LGPL v3 license terms and rules if you want to sell closed source software without a commercial license.

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