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Send event to child

  • Hi,

    I need to send a event from a QMainWindow to a other QMainWindow.

    bool MainWindow::event(QEvent *event)
        if (event->type() == QEvent::KeyPress)
            QCoreApplication::sendEvent(w2, new QMouseEvent(QEvent::MouseButtonPress, QPoint(70, 30), Qt::LeftButton, 0, Qt::NoModifier));
        return QMainWindow::event(event);

    The event is transfert to the w2 (the second QMainWindow) but not to his children. How a can make this ?

    Best regards,

  • Ok I have the soluce :

    QPoint posCursor(pos.x, pos.y);
    QWidget* currentWidget = static_cast<HUD*>(this->scene.GetActor("HUD"))->childAt(posCursor);
    if (currentWidget == nullptr)
    	return true;
    QCoreApplication::sendEvent(currentWidget, new QMouseEvent(QEvent::MouseButtonPress, posCursor - currentWidget->geometry().topLeft(), Qt::MouseButton::LeftButton, 0, Qt::NoModifier));

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