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Display Issues

  • Hi,
    I have a Qt application that doesn't display all widgets when screen resolutions change from PC to PC. I'm considering adding a scroll bar to the application to fix this problem but I'm not sure if that's the best solution. What do you recommend? Scroll bar or window sizing code that will change the display per the PC?


  • Yes. I forgot to mention that I'm using Qt Designer for the UI.

  • That is not the same. Did you position all the widgets manualy, or did you put them in a layout? If you view your form in the preview window in Designer, and you resize the window, do your widgets scale and reposition themselves to fill up the window?

  • Sorry for the confusion. I'll elaborate.....Yes, I'm using layouts inside of Qt Designer. I'm using a bunch of horizontal, vertical and grid layouts for a variety of widgets such as combo boxes, check boxes and text boxes. I have placed the various widgets inside of group boxes. The group boxes are NOT in a layout however so maybe i should try that.

    To answer your question Andre, no my widgets do not scale when I resize the window. I'm assuming I'll have to add ALL of my widgets into layouts for that to happen. Is there any setting that I need to change to allow for automatic resizing like you're talking about?

  • No, you just have to make sure that all your widgets and layouts end up in the main layout for the form. Right click on an empty spot in your form and you'll find a layout sub menu that can help you achieve that.

  • Ok. I'll try fiddling with the layouts more. Thanks for the help

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