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Can't find the tutorial file state.png

  • I am on Linux (UBUNTU 11.04) and I am running the initial tutorial having just installed the package from my distributor. I have searched my root file system and cannot find the file state.png that this tutorial wants.

    I am curious as to whether I have a bad installation, the file has been omitted, renamed or replaced. Advice please. The tutorial seems to be aimed at windows users.

  • what turorial are your referring to?

    i found state.png in win7 64bit :

    you could use the sdk installer to get the latest stable version instead.

  • Version is 4.7.2 NOT ON WINDOWS. Linux with UBUNTU 11.04. The Tutorial is referenced by Qt creator and the link is How to Create a Quick Qt application.using this link: qthelp:// I completed the project set up, but it want me to find this file. It specifies the file by name and gives a windows path. Where does the QT4 distribution put such things under UNIX/Linux?

  • Did you use Ubuntu's packages to install, or did you install in a different way? In the first case: ask your packager.

  • OK. I actually didn't think of them. Thanks.

  • Found it here:
    -/usr/share/qtcreator/qmlicons/Qt/16x16/State.png- it was a different file, not related to the tutorial, sorry...

    here is correct location:

    Ubuntu 12.04 with qt4-demos installed

    IMHO must be included into tutorial to prevent any confusion

  • Use Gimp and save the image to your selected directory.

  • Use the following path with Gimp and save to your selected directory.


    Thanks yevgenko for the path.

  • The Gimp is not the best way to access and copy the qt4 logo. Using the terminal command line is best:

    CD to the states directory from / Using the path:

    Copy the qt4 logo using the copy command (cp) from ( / )

    cp usr/lib/qt4/examples/declarative/animation/states/states.png (( Insert name of Project folder))

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